What One Should Know About How to Write Literature Review

The Rules Which Help to Know How to Write Literature Review

Literature review is a part of almost every research paper whether it is written by an experienced researcher or a student for his term paper assignment. It is one of the most important parts which outlines the scope of research and suggests the gaps which should be further explored by a researcher.

If you want to know how to write literature review you have to know what other scholars or researchers tell about the problem or certain phenomenon being researched. Literature review is the most frequently used part of research report, thesis or dissertation.

Writing literature review one needs to browse numerous resources related to the topic and explore different ideas from different perspectives, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. However, review is not a summary of all possible information you have managed to find. It should be constructed around the thesis and develop the general outline of the future field of research)

Very often students do not know how to write a literature review because they just lack experience. They start looking for literature review samples and try to follow their format. However, literature review writing is about information processing and its critical analysis aimed at enlarging your knowledge in a certain area. It is not a simple summary of all possible information.

When you want to know how to write literature review, you should mind the following rules of its composition:

  • Focus round the research topic and its thesis;
  • Find contrasting or controversial points in the previous researches;
  • Find gaps to be patched by further research.

The difficulty in writing literature review is in the ability or its lack to interpret information which is often versatile and contrasting. When theres no univocal opinion on the subject, one needs to dig tons of sources to shape his own view on the problem. Literature search is also an important issue as it requires considered approach as one needs to check for literature credibility and relevancy of the issue being explored.

Strong academic research papers usually contain literature review section. It serves as a background for further research and shapes the further approaches to be taken by the researcher. Usually it is placed in the first section of the research paper before a research proposal, methodology and conclusion sections.

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